Wars of the Threshold

Capt Farwinds Log Entry #1

June 24, Sunrise

The Revenge arrived in Abalone last night and docked for repairs this morning.  The crew has fared well of late, having no sickness or injury to mention.  

While the men are in good health I fear they are in poor spirits.  Bounty is getting harder to come by in the Southern Waters.  Seems the Council's plan to enforce trade rule through privateering is working.  The pick ships are moving beyond our waters where the council's authority does not reach.  

I have often considered of late, taking the Revenge and offering her as a escort for coin and keep, but no one is moving cargo in any amount to justify.  I will walk about the docks today and see if I can drum up some business, spot a mark, or if worse comes to worse, arrange a dock brawl… 

June 24 Mid-day

Seems the winds have lifted Fortune's skirts.  There is a slaver moving cargo and catch to the Skullstone.  I'm hoping to get ahead of them and intercept before they reach the Neck.   

The men are fit and truth to tell, they are itching for a fight.  Seems I amy keep my ship this day after all.


Not Abalone: Azure, capital of Coral ;)

Capt Farwinds Log Entry #1

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