Wars of the Threshold

Capt Farwind's Log Entry #5

Sept 16 Evening,

It was an eventful morning.  Steve (the Sidereal) has gone missing and there are some rather distressing rumors that required we get underway before the auction of the Saka jaws.  We got a tidy sum for them, but had to sell them short or risk losing everything.  

Surprise, surprise…another day another exalt.  This time a member of our circle.  The one called…well I can't seem to remember what we called her in the past, but in the here and now, she calls herself Sister Bitter Iron.  A cursed Nunn.  Oh and if that weren't bad enough, she is now sworn to the Abyssals.  She has been tainted.  We cannot allow this and must find a awy to free her or kill her.  I do not relish that idea.

But we must make way now.  We must go to the lost city and salvage what we may.  My mates have no idea how to get down there, but I do.  I have discovered a lost ability I previouisly held that allows me to survive in any environment.  I will use this to reach the city and reclaim what once was.



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