Wars of the Threshold

Frozen Encounter

The sun seems to hang in the sky with clouds scattered about, adoring the vividly blue expanse. The ground is covered in at least a foot of snow and the sun's rays make the paved white ground glisten brightly. The landscape is filled with a plethora of leafless trees. Deep in this arctic forest, sits an owl. At a far away glance, it would look like a regular snowy owl. An almost completely white feathered creature with slight splashes of dark brown and black decorating it's frame. This is no ordinary owl though. If approached, one would see the typical deep yellow eyes are replaced with gorgeous icy blue ones and tattoos? Yes, very bright and obvious blue tattoos on its forehead and under it's eyes. Its beak seems to also be the same shade of blue. This odd owl is perched upon a branch, scanning the forest floor below.

Its head turns quickly as it spots a small creature meandering about 20 yards away. Its a snowshoe hare. The owl's gaze fixes on this unsuspecting hare as it leaps off its perch, diving at an angle for a moment before its gorgeous wings spread open and wide without making a single sound. Almost in an instant the owl swoops down, sinks its razor sharp talons deep into the hares body and it's scoop up as it flies away with the newly acquired prey. As the owl finds a new branch to sit upon, the hare in its clutches is dead before it arrives at the branch. The equally deadly sharp blue beak starts tearing into the fur and flesh as the owl begins its meal. 

A meal that is cut abruptly by an unfamiliar sound. Off in the distance, a loud angry noise resonates across once serene forest. The sudden noise causes the owl to drop its feast. It watches the dead hare plop onto the ground, seeming annoyed. One could swear the owl also just sighed? It leaps off its branch and plummets towards the ground. At the last moment it opens its wings to catch its decent. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, before any extremities hit the ground, where there once was an owl, is now a large wolf. Much like the owl, its fur is of the same snowy whiteness. Also embellished by blue tattoos.

Hearing the angry sound once more, the newly formed wolf runs through a winterscape, guided by what can now be discerned as growls. It doesn't take long for the wolf to comes upon a frozen river, about 5 yards wide. If followed southward, it leads to a lake. There, admits the solid river is a large, dark brown bear. Staying near the edge of the trees, the wolf begins to prowl the bear. From the perspective of the wolf, the bear seems to be minding it's own business as it breaks through the tough layer of ice in attempts to catch fish underneath.

The wolf begins to approach the treeline and in another instant, changes from a quadrupedal wolf into a bipedal wolfman, or rather, wolfwoman? The same tattoos that covered the owl and the wolf also cover this werewolf. The tattoos are also the most clear they have been. Upon the shoulders are wolf paw prints. The chin has a blue streak and the cheeks have 3 thick stripes. Upon the forehead is an intricately designed symbol. Patches of dark blue-gray streak above the paw prints and at the tips of the ears and under the eyes, going down the inside of the face and ending at the tips of the jawline. 

The werewolf walks over to where the bear is fishing. The imposing stature and enhances humanoid features would cause any sane person to run away but as the bear becomes aware of something new in it's area, it turns and is faced with the impressive figure of the werewolf. Standing fully erect, the werewolf measures about 3 yards tall. With protruding fangs out of the sides of a snarling snout, long dagger-like claws raise up as the werewolf readies herself into a defensive stance, expecting the bear to charge at her. But it does not. The Intimidation tactic of the werewolf was enough to cause the bear to stop its assault on the frozen water and it turns around and walks off, disappearing into the dense dead forest. 

Sighing in relief, the werewolf looks up as snow begins to fall. Threatening to add more powder to the already blanketed landscape. She sniffs for a moment, taking in the cool air and fresh smell and she reverts back into a regular wolf, standing on four legs anew. She walks in the opposite direction of the bear and makes her way through the forest. After a long walk, she reaches the end of the forest as it looks over a settlement. Crudely constructed huts adorn the horizon with smoke rising from several huts as well as what appears to be the middle of the camp. 

As the wolf begins it's approach towards the encampment, she is spotted by a couple of guards, who, upon seeing the shewolf proceed to smile brightly and turn back and yell boisterously and joyously "Krija is back! Krija is back!" They then turn and begin to run towards the wolf, quckly followed by several more people, some of which are children. The wolf stops moving and before anyone gets close, exuded a bright blue light. The true form of this shapeshifter is finally seen. A young woman wearing a thick wolf pelt cloak, complete with the head for cover. Thick beige pants and a light blue vest can be seen under the cloak along with. She is barefoot. The same blue tattoos seen before are also vibrantly visible. She stands with her arms akimbo as the people approach her, some hugging her while others berate her with questions. As she looks upon the sea of familiar faces, she greets them all with a warm, loving smile frames her face as she says in a slightly deep, but very feminine voice "It's good to be home. " 


I like it. Fair warning most animals can’t speak or understand speech. However if the bear is a spirit or an elemental it might be able to talk back.

Frozen Encounter

ok cool. is there no speak to animal ability or similar roll? Also, would you leave it up to me to have this bear be a normal bear or the spirit/elemental? idk if you’d be ok with me choosing. kinda just thinking of it as a normal bear

Frozen Encounter

Speak to animals is a charisma charm. Dog tongue something or other.

Cool story though. I like the description of your werewolf form.

Frozen Encounter

Hmm, i think i’ll keep my charms as they are. Glad you liked it

Frozen Encounter

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