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  • Lunar Politics


    There are five main 'parties' in lunar politics.  These are not political parties with formal membership and events, but broad philosophies that have taken hold among the modern lunars.  The divisions within the …

  • Animal Transformation rules


    1. It costs 1 mote to change into your true forms.
    2. It costs 3 motes to change to acquired forms.
    3. It costs 5 motes to change into your war form.
    4. Changing shape is a speed 5 Miscellaneous action. & …

  • Leviathan

    *1st Age* A young Lunar partnered with a much older and respected dawn caste. *Act 1* An aging hermit who stood vigil for two millenia over the sunken city of Thule. He died in a journey to the Lunar gathering in Whitewall. *Act 2*

  • Krija

    Krija is a seemingly young woman. With a steely, icy gaze and an aloof demeanor, it's difficult to tell how old she actually is as she can range from childishly pouty to maturely stoic. Two things are indisputable about Krija. She is strong, very strong. …

  • Lilith

    The Lunar mentor to Stozen, Krija, and Roni Ronitz. According to her stories, Lilith is a surviving first age Lunar has has spent centuries living as an owl, hibernating, and sometimes wandering the edges of the threshold as a traveling martial artist. …

  • Varish

    A survivor of the Usurpation who helped rally the Lunar exalted and was one of the architects of the Moonsilver tattoos all lunars must now wear. He trained many young lunar exalts in the south of creation, and journeyed across the length and breadth …

  • Walpurgis Night

    Born in the Varang city states and sorted into a minor caste, Tina had a normal and content life ahead of her. If perhaps a little dull. As a child she dreaded the the monotony of it. As a lunar she longs for it. Exalting alongside her brother, only …