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  • Languages of Creation


    Regional Languages

    • Low Realm- The language of the common people of the Blessed Isle.  It is also common to the Realm's legions, and many speak it across the Threshold.
    • Sea Tongue- The language of …

  • Poisons

    When struck by Poison, roll Stamina + Resistance with a Difficulty equal to the poison Toxicity at each Damage interval. Should the roll fail, the character takes the Damage and comes under the listed Penalty. Those without a listed interval are …

  • Solar XP

    Total XP

    • Jingham Farwinds: 102
    • Tarquin Skyrender: 77
    • Garion Warmaster: 93
    • Brother of the Mountain: 74
    • Garvan Melentos: 88


    Brother: 5 Play + 1 Confrontation …

  • XP Expenditure Advice

    Far be it from me to tell you how to build your characters- but I know the sheer amount of things to buy can be daunting.  Here is some advice.

    Balanced Spending Chart:
    4: Charms and Combos
    3: Abilities
    2: Attributes …

  • Penalties

    Penalties:  (Rule of thumb: Internal Penalties make a character less capable in some fashion while External Penalties make a task harder.)

    External Penalties:  Usually environmental factors, like …

  • Experience Costs

    Exalted is not a "fair" game.  Some Exalt types are simply better than others.  One of the ways the game enforces this difference is with Experience costs.  Scroll to the relevant type of exalt to see what you pay.  If …

  • Healing Times

    Healing times are slow in exalted.  Below are the healing times for Exalts, mortals take roughly four times as long.

    Bashing Damage: Bashing Damage heals relatively quickly- 1 health level for every 3 hours of rest/care.

    Lethal …

  • Animal Transformation rules


    1. It costs 1 mote to change into your true forms.
    2. It costs 3 motes to change to acquired forms.
    3. It costs 5 motes to change into your war form.
    4. Changing shape is a speed 5 Miscellaneous action. & …

  • Creatures of Darkness


    Creatures of Darkness are determined by nature not actions.  Raksi, a lunar known for eating the flesh of human infants is not a creature of darkness.  She is bat shit crazy though. 

    • Yozis, Demons, …

  • Occult

    Occult is a complicated ability that does multiple things. 

    Occult as a knowledge: This ability represents the characters knowledge and familiarity with all forms of magic, from the charms of exalts and spirits, to sorcery, and the …

  • Character Death

    Death is final.  No charm, spell, or effect can bring a character back to life.  There are tricks to make imitations or flawed copies, or but these are not the character.

    So- What happens when a character dies. 

    1st: …