Animal Transformation rules


  1. It costs 1 mote to change into your true forms.
  2. It costs 3 motes to change to acquired forms.
  3. It costs 5 motes to change into your war form.
  4. Changing shape is a speed 5 Miscellaneous action.  
  5. When a Lunar turns into an animal, he really IS that animal.  It is NOT a magical disguise and does not register as a disguise or illusion to creatures with essence sight or disguise detecting powers.
  6. On death, the Lunar always returns to the last worn of his true forms.
  7. A Lunar who's anima is flaring from peripheral Essence (8 Peripheral Essence used) use can only shift to their true forms.  To use other forms they must wait for their anima to die down. 
  8. Shapes, once learned, do not age. No matter how long since the original victim’s death, the shape the Lunar knows does not grow old or weak. The shape’s hair and fingernails may grow, but only time spent in the form contribute to such growth. Skin may tan, but only when that shape is actually under the sun. In either case, any changes to the false shape disappear once the character re-dons that shape—letting a shape tan, then shifting to another form and back produces a shape as it appeared before it tanned. With Changing Plumage Mastery, Lunars may control these aspects of their shapes. While in another shape, the character’s true forms age but do not otherwise suffer the passage of time—hair and nails do not grow, skin does not tan (but may eventually wrinkle), etc.
  9. Instincts that come with the animal form are under the Lunar’s control, and they give the Exalt limited ability to communicate with animals of the same species.
  10. You can use any human language you know in any of your true forms.  There is a charm that allows you to communicate in your other animal forms.

Attributes + Abilities

  1. When in a form other than her human form, the Lunar uses the Strength, Stamina and Appearance natural to the other form.
  2. A Lunar in animal form uses the lowest of her Dexterity or the animal’s natural Dexterity.
  3. Shapes that reduce a character’s Attributes do not decrease maximum dice added through Charms. Shapes that increase a character’s Attributes do not increase that maximum, either. Increases in Attributes from a false shape count toward this dice maximum but are not limited by this value.  (Stozen has strength 3, thus the most he can increase his strength to through charms is 6.  If he transforms into a large dog with a strength 5, he could still use the 1st excellency to add 1 die (Making his total 6).  If he turns into a bear with strength 7 he can no longer increase his strength with charms, but uses the bears strength of 7.)
  4. True forms break rule 3.  (Rani's true form is a Rhino with str 12.  If she wants she could spend 12 motes to up her strength to 24 for 1 round). 



It takes an MDV of 12 to notice a lunars tell… usually.

  • If the Lunar is in a True form they gain (X2 to their MDV).
  • If the person is deliberatly looking for shapeshifers (They gain a +1 modifier)
  • If the person is looking specifically for Lunars (+2 modifier)
  • If they know what the Person's tell is (+2 Modifier)

    • If someone knows the Lunar well they automatically spot the tell regardless of the form.  Krija, Rani, and Stozen will always recognize each other and will always recognize their mentor Lilith. 

Moonsilver Tattoos

  1. The moonsilver tattoos that most Lunars wear protect them from the effect of the Wyld taint… and from so much more. The tattoos protect Lunars from any influence that would change their shape other than their inherent abilities.  Tattooed Lunar Exalted are completely immune to all
    such effects: A Lunar is as unaffected by a spirit’s attack that changes her bones to roots as she is by her own casting of Invulnerable Skin of Bronze.
  2. The Wyld taint has one additional benefi t for the Lunar Exalted. It makes them forever just that little bit more slippery to Sidereal and mortal astrology. Any attempt to divine a Lunar’s location or actions, or to levy an astrological blessing or curse on one, increases in difficulty by 1

Anima Effects

Any Lunar Exalt can spend a single mote of Essence to:

• Cause her caste mark and tattoos to glow brightly for
a scene (as if the character has spent four to seven motes of
Peripheral Essence).
• Cause her anima to glow brightly enough to read by
for a scene (as if the character has spent eight to 10 motes
of Peripheral Essence).
• Cause her Tell to become unmistakable and impossible
to miss for a Tell.
• Know the precise day of the lunar month, the phase of
the moon and the time of day for the rest of the scene.

Note: Your anima banner will not be visible until you have spent more then 3 motes of Peripheral Essence. At 4 motes of Peripheral Essence spent, the effect listed under the 1st dot of Anima Effects section takes effect.

Animal Transformation rules

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