Languages of Creation


Regional Languages

  • Low Realm- The language of the common people of the Blessed Isle.  It is also common to the Realm's legions, and many speak it across the Threshold.
  • Sea Tongue- The language of the islands of the West.
  • Flame Tongue- The language of the south.
  • Sky Tongue- The language of the north.
  • Forest Tongue- The language of the forest tribes of the far east.
  • Scavenger Tongue- the language of Nexus, Lookshy, and the Confederation of Rivers.

Other Languages

  • High Realm- The language spoken among dynasts, bureaucrats, and other social elites.
  • Old Realm- The language of the 1st age.  It is still used by many gods, spirits, and elementals.
  • High Holy- language of the nearly extinct Dragon Kings
  • Kimberlic- a secret language used by the Lintha Family in the West.
  • Barbarian Tongues- Several barbarian tribes, especially Wyld Barbarians have their own tongues. 

Every character has a native tongue.  A character who rolls (Perception + Linguistics VS a flat value of 1/2 the targets Manipulation + Socialize) can determine a character's native tongue and potentially learn the targets home region, other languages known, or where the character has spent long periods of time… depending on the number of successes.   

Languages of Creation

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