Northern Tribes


Although outsiders often think of the Icewalker Tribes as a single people, icewalkers consists of hundreds of different tribes scattered across the north.  These tribes share many traits and cultural traditions but each is fully independent from the others.  Each tribe has its own origin story.  Most begin with the survivors of some ancient cataclysm- a faint cultural memory of the great contagion and fair folk invasion.  That is the closest the Icewalkers come to a shared history.  Icewalker geography is similarly murky.  Some tribes follow year round migrations, others have drifted thousands of miles across the north over the decades and centuries.  All one can say for certain is a particular tribe is currently in a rough geographical area.  Icewalkers are primarily hunter gatherers and thus usually remain on the move.


Totem animals & Supernatural:  The ancient refugees who fled the fair folk and contagion and took to the wilds universally turned to the animal avatars to survive.  Icewalker tribes hunt, protect, and revere their spirit animal.  They may hunt other animals (usually with offering to that animal spirit) but know how to use every part of their Totem Animal.Icewalkers hate fae and fear fae and the walking dead.  Some tribes revere their ancestors, others despise ancestor worship.  

Icewalkers often regard Lunar and Solar exalts favorably (though always nervously). Terrestrials who exalt among the tribes are often encouraged to leave and outsider terrestrial exalts are feared and avoided.    


Relations with outsiders:  Most Icewalker tribes divide mortals into four groups – Kinsfolk, Respected Outsiders, Lesser Outsiders, and Debased outsiders.  

Kinsfolk are other Icewalkers who worship the same animal totem.  These icewalkers are kin, but distant, and feuds rarely escalate beyond yelling and sparring.  Inter marriage between these tribes are common.

Respected Outsiders: Icewalkers regard other barbarian tribes who do not share their animal totem as respected outsiders.  A people who show strength and honor, people who deserve to be recognized as equals.  Equals may quarrel and fight, but are always deserving of respect.  Icewalkers usually regard other Icewalkers as respected outsiders, the Haslanti league and distant Linowan are also usually considered respected outsiders.  Sometimes Icewalker tribes ally or trade with respected outsiders and sometimes they war with them.  

Lesser Outsiders: Farmers, townsfolk, and merchants usually fall into this group.  Icewalker’s believe that such people are soft, weak, and lack in honor.  Proper ice walkers sneer at such folk.  People who live as slaves or subjects of powerful states are deserving of pity or contempt.  Ice walkers often demand tribute from such peoples, capture their women, or perform other crimes upon them, even enslave them too sell to the Guild or Haslanti league.  After all, they’re too weak to stand up for themselves.  Of course icewalkers are willing to trade with lesser outsiders when the opportunity presents itself… and while they look down on people from Gethamane, White Wall, or the Deshan Coast they certainly aren’t in a hurry to try and fight such powerful nations.

Debased outsiders: Settled folk may be lesser but at least they’re still human.  Icewalkers hate anything not fully human or anyone who serves such monstrous beings as the fair folk or deathlords.  Icewalkers aren’t stupid or suicidal about it, but they regard fighting such monsters as nothing less than a sacred duty.  Anyone who worships creatures of darkness or engages in blasphemous rites needs to be killed.

Name: Black Mammoth Tribe

History:  The Black Mammoth tribe was originally 3 separate tribes: The Far Wading Mammoth tribe, the Blacken Ash Mammoth tribe, and the Burl Mammoth tribe.  During the Wyldfog war (See Timeline) wyld storms plagued the region and Rakasha ran wild attacking tribes and settlements along the north.  All three tribes banded together to march south and were saved by the Lunar exalt Lilith.

In the wake of the war majority of the survivors gave up their nomadic ways to build a small settlement in the safety of being nearby Lilith’s Grove.  A small group led by Samea the shaman of the Burl Mammoth tribe refused to stay with Lilith and departed.  The rest became the Black Mammoth tribe.  Though they still consider themselves icewalkers, their settled lifestyle is changing them and they aren’t really sure about how to feel about it.  They still hunt and revere the mammoth, but they are also becoming fishermen, butter makers, and even traders.  


Size: Est 600+ members.


Notable members

  1. Chief weird Eye: Former chief of the Blacken Ash Tribe.
  2. Shaman: None- Lilith’s apprentices often serve this role.
  3. Steve of the Black Mammoth Tribe.  
  4. Waterfall (Far Wading) – an apprentice shaman who often assists Rani or lilith’s other apprentices.   
  5. Hundred Knight (Burl Mammoth) – A fit and capable hunter, injured by Yola’s band.
  6. Green Horn

Northern Tribes

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