Occult is a complicated ability that does multiple things. 

Occult as a knowledge: This ability represents the characters knowledge and familiarity with all forms of magic, from the charms of exalts and spirits, to sorcery, and the various forms of minor mortal magics called thaumaturgy.  At its most simple, Occult is the understanding of Creation's essence, how it can be used, and how different supernatural beings and materials interact with it.

Occult as a Cap:  Occult often caps other abilities, usually along two lines- 1) Occult often caps various crafting abilities.  someone with craft fire can make a sword or someone with craft earth can make a stone building: but building a Daiklave or Manse requires knowledge of essence and how to manipulate it.

Occult is also the knowledge of Spirit courts, an understanding of how beings like Fae, Gods, Elementals, and Demons interact among themselves and with mortals.  Occasionally occult caps diplomatic skills like presence, socialize, and performance when a character tries to negotiate with such beings. 

Last: Occult provides knowledge of certain mystical skills practiced by mortals.  While mortals must learn specific abilities akin to how exalts purchase charms.  Exalted merely take such skills as specialties under the Occult Ability.

  • Art of Astrology
  • Art of Demon Summoning
  • Art of Enchantment
  • Art of Geomancy


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