Timeline of Major Events

Note: This timeline uses the major dating system of creation- RY (Realm Year).  This calendar is based on the system used by the Realm with year 0 being the coronation of the Scarlet Empress.  There are several other dating systems in use, especially in the Scavenger lands and among various barbarian tribes, but RY is the most universal.

The Calendar:  Creation has five seasons each corresponding to the five elements of creation.  Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood.  Air is typically the coldest season, while Fire is the hottest.  Each season lasts for three months (Ascending Air, Resplendent Air, Descending Air) with each month lasting exactly 28 days.  Creation thus has a 420 day year, and a 5 day feast that separates year from year. 

RY -1300: The Usurpation

RY-5: The Great Contagion

RY 734

  • Realm: Peleps Saleema is born in Port Wavehold on Tongma Island. 

RY 739

  • Silver Pact: Stozen is born in the Icewalker tribe of the Silver Elk. 
  • Solar Bond: Sarnai is born in the Deshan Slave Coast. 

RY 746

  • Silver Pact: Rani Ronitz is born in the Haslanti city of Icehome.

RY 749

  • Realm: Peleps Saleema takes her 2nd breath as a Terrestrial Exalt while arguing with a arithmetic teacher in her Primary School.  She is later accepted as a student at the Spiral Academy.  

RY 751

  • Solar Circle: The Farwinds orphanage burns down.  Young Jingham Farwinds becomes a cabin boy on a merchant ship that runs along Wavecrest. 

RY 754

  • Peleps Saleema is sent to monitor her House's interests in the Coral Archipelago. 
  • Adventure Log: Varish's Loss

RY 755

  • Solar Circle: Jingham Farwinds is enslaved by the crew of the Darkwave and forced into gladiator street fights. 

RY 760

  • Wyldfog War: Incursions along the north eastern edge of Creation by numerous Fae courts lead to large 'weather' like effects of wyld drifting about the edges of creation.  While the incursions are too disorganized to be a serious threat to Creation the Silver Pacts disorganized responses leads to the deaths of many Lunar exalts.  Lilith and Magnificent Jaguar both wake from their hibernations during wyld events.

RY 761-

  • Silver Pact: Elder Lunar Varish dies under unknown circumstances.  Many Lunars are saddened by his lost, and many of the south's Lunars (Particularly those he trained) gather to hold a service of morning. 
  • War in the North- Ice Walker tribes begin attacking the 'barbarian' Rokan-jin and Talinin tribes near Malice bay and along the River of Tears.  It is soon revealed they are united under the Banner of a warlord called the Bull of the North.  
  • Silver Pact: Stozen takes his 2nd Breath as a Lunar Exalt and is taken as an apprentice by the Elder Lunar Lilith.  

RY 762-

  • Silver Pact: Krija takes her 2nd Breath as a Lunar exalt and is taken in for training by the Elder Lunar Lilith.  
  • War in the North- The Kingdom of Linowan enters the war when it becomes clear that the leader of the Icewalker tribes is an Anethema.  The Kingdom of Halta, long religious rivals of Linowan, enter the War on the side of the bull.  Dozens of small Kingdoms and tribes enter the war on either side.

RY 763-

  • Silver Pact: Rani Ronitz takes her second Breath as a Lunar Exalt.  She is smuggled out of Haslanti and taken to the Black Mammoth Tribe of Icewalkers to meet the Elder Lunar Lilith.
  • Solar Circle: The Dark Wave sails into the Coral Archipelago and Jingham Farwinds is taken into custody by the Sea Lords. 
  • Adventure Log: Cold- Rani Ronitz begins her tutelage under the Elder Lunar Lilith.
  • War in the North: The Realm sends 5 Legions under the command of Tepet Arada to join the War in the North.
  • Silver Pact: Stozen leaves his Lunar Mentor to follow an instinctive pull south.  He travels across much of the North and East. 
  • Solar Circle: Acknowledged a Captain of the List by the Sea Lords of Coral- Jingham Farwinds begins recruiting for his ship.  After an extended campaign the Dynast Peleps Saleema joins the crew. 
  • Realm: The Empress Disappears.

RY 764- Current Year

  • Silver Pact: Krija depart's the Black Mammoth Tribe to return to her own kin.  
  • War in the North: Battle of Krellen's Ford.  The Forces of the Bull retreat but receive reinforcements and launch a surprising counterattack against the Legions.
  • Solar Circle: Garion and Skyrender are captured and sold as slaves to passing Guild Traders. 
  • Abyssal Circle: 3 Young Abyssal Exalted take their second breath and travel to the House of Succulent Tears.
  • War in the North: Battle of Ironthorn Forest.
  • War in the North: Battle of Fallen Lapis. 
  • Kingdom of the Dead:  The Deathlord Masks of Winters conquers the Kingdom of Thorns. 
  • War in the North: Tepet forces begin retreating to the Realm satrap of Greyfalls.
  • Solar Bond: Sarnai takes her 2nd Breath as a Solar Exalt, accidently spurring a small riot to a near revolt.  She flees toward the city of Whitewall.
  • Solar Circle: Captain Jingham Farwinds leads a pirate raid on a Trade ship from the Skullstone Archipelago.  Farwinds, Garion, and Skyrender take their 2nd Breath as Solar Exalts. 
  • War in the North: Battle of Futile Blood.  The Legions and their allies are overrun and destroyed almost to a man. 
  • Silver Pact: Krija, Rani, and Stozen engage an unprepared wyld hunt and rescue the captured Solar Sarnai of Deshan. 
  • Realm: Council of the Empty Throne elects Regent Fokuf to "reign" over the Realm.
  • Solar Circle: The 5th Frigate Squadron of the Realms Water Fleet supported by elements of a Wyld Hunt engage a Skullstone squadron and a Pirate Frigate commanded by the Anathema Jingham Farwinds.  No less than six Anathema were encountered and fighting was fierce.  

RY 765

  • Solar Circle: The City of Thule erupts from the ocean but cannot be chased by the damaged realm squadron. 
  • Adventure Log Monastery:  Bitter Iron Forged in Cruelty attacks an Immaculate Monastery on the River of Tears and kills the senior monks before setting fire to the place.


Timeline of Major Events

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