Character Death

Death is final.  No charm, spell, or effect can bring a character back to life.  There are tricks to make imitations or flawed copies, or but these are not the character.

So- What happens when a character dies. 

1st: the Character's Exaltation flees back to heaven to be cared for by Lytek the god of exalted power who will soon dispatch it to seek a new host.

2nd:  Various things happen to the character's higher soul.

If the character died heroically: Perhaps valiantly performing a last stand to save the party or innocents.  Desperately trying to deactivate a weapon of mass destruction beneath a city in creation.  Perhaps fast talking a third circle demon to hide a critical piece of information from its Yozi overlord before being devoured alive?  Whatever the specifics if your character met a valiant and heroic end then they pass immediately to Lethe and re enter the cycle of Reincarnation.

If the character died doing something stupid, pointless,  or even just a particularly random:  Then the character likely becomes a ghost and appears in the underworld. 

If the character dies while betraying creation, working with Creatures of Darkness like the Yozi or Neverborn, or in something in a similiar vein… well, you'll find out.



Becoming a Ghost.

  • The character keeps all Attribute, Ability, Virtue, and willpower Scores. 
  • The character loses all charms, knacks, sorcery, and supernatural martial arts.  Except Ox Body (Which converts to the Arcanoi of the same name.)
  • All background dots are lost.  New backgrounds may be assigned based on the standards of the character's funeral and tomb.
  • Reduce Permanent Essence by 1 (minimum of 2). 
  • Ghosts ony have a single essence Pool (Essence X10 + Sum of all virtues X3)

With experience the new ghost can buy ghostly Arcanoi (which are akin to weak charms).  The most common ghostly arcanoi is the equivalent of the 1st excellency.  (the ghost gains a bonus die for each mote spent up to a maximum of his permanent essence or the ability.  Whichever is lower.)

Character Death

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