Experience Costs

Exalted is not a "fair" game.  Some Exalt types are simply better than others.  One of the ways the game enforces this difference is with Experience costs.  Scroll to the relevant type of exalt to see what you pay.  If what you want isn't listed (Lunar Ability costs), then it costs the same as on the Solar chart.

Training Time:  Training times are largely overlooked in exalted.  It is simply assumed your character is practicing in down time. 

Solar/Abyssal/Infernal XP Costs:

  • Attribute: Current Rating X4
  • Favored/Caste Ability: (Current Rate X2) -1
  • Out of Caste Ability: Rating X 2
  • Essence: Current Rating X8
  • Virtue: Current Rating X3
  • Willpower: Current Rating X2
  • New Ability: 3
  • Favored/Caste Charm: 8
  • Out of Caste Charm: 10
  • Spell (Occult Favored/Caste): 8
  • Spell (Not Favored Caste): 10

Lunar XP Costs: (Unless stated otherwise its equivalent to the Solar Cost)

  • Attribute: Current Rate X4
  • Caste/Favored Attribute: Current Rate X3
  • Caste/Favored Charm: 10
  • Out of Caste Charm: 12
  • New Spell (Caste/Favored): 10
  • New Spell (Out of Caste) 12
  • Essence: Current Rate X 9
  • New Knack: 11

Dragon-blood XP Costs:

  • Favored/Aspect Charm: 10
  • Out of Aspect Charm: 12
  • Celestial Martial Arts Charm (Favored/Aspect): 12
  • Celestial Martial Arts Charm (Unfavored): 15
  • Essence: Current Rate X10

Sidereal Experience Costs

  • Caste/Favored Charm: 10
  • Out of Caste/ Non Favored: 12
  • Essence: current rate X9
  • New Astrological Colleges: 5
  • Increase Astrological College: rating X3

Experience Costs

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