When struck by Poison, roll Stamina + Resistance with a Difficulty equal to the poison Toxicity at each Damage interval. Should the roll fail, the character takes the Damage and comes under the listed Penalty. Those without a listed interval are assumed to operate on one unsoakable damage die rolled per tick until it has amassed it's Damage in dice rolled. If the Resistance roll is successful, the character still takes the Damage and halves the Penalty, but the Damage is reduced by one level of severity (Aggravated to Lethal, Lethal to Bashing, Bashing to no damage). Twice the number of required successes reduces it by two levels. Once the maximum damage has been expended, the penalty fades.

Another application of the same poison restores it to full potency from that tick onward, and stacks the combined Penalties of all doses. This reduces as-normal as doses fill up their total Damage and fade away.

L tag – Means it deals Levels of damage rather than rolled dice.
M tag – Effects Exalted as equally as mortals, otherwise mortals add 2 to the Toxicity.

Poison lacking a Tolerance means it is instantly effective. Others require that many doses to be life-threatening.


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